August 10, 2022 (03:18)

Cepconsult joined “Mining Front” project

Cepconsult’s team has decided to join “Mining Front” charitable project. The “Mining Front” project was created to restore war-damaged mining infrastructure in Ukraine to counter the consequences of the russian invasion.

The purpose of the „Mining Front“ charitable project is to provide donor financial and material aid to Ukrainian mining enterprises that suffered from hostilities during the aggressive war of the russian federation against Ukraine, on a voluntary, non-profit, equal and mutual basis.

We are looking for partners to establish further cooperation and promote common goals for restoring Ukraineʼs mining infrastructure. Our goal is to get rid of the EUʼs raw material dependence on the aggressor.

We work with international financial institutions, the business community and representatives of the non-governmental and public sector who are ready to help Ukrainian mining companies.


See what we ask for:

MF Letter of Request

We collect financial and material aid to purchase the necessary equipment for damaged or destroyed mining companies in Ukraine.

See how it works:

MF Overview

After all, only by cooperating and working together will we be able to provide mining infrastructure with new chances to restore work and continue to ensure the world by the results of their activities!



Our partners:

Austrian non-governmental organization

 “Austrian Association for Integration”

Ukrainian association

 “National Association of the Extractive Industry of Ukraine”

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Cepconsult joined “Mining Front” project

Cepconsult’s team has decided to join "Mining Front" charitable project. The "Mining Front" project was ...

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