Eurogas Annual Regional Conference

December 8, 2022 (07:16)

On December 07, 2022 in Prague Cepconsult took part in international event Eurogas Annual Regional Conference “Czech Republic: The Energy Transition And The Role Of Gas”. The event was organised in the context of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union, with the support of the Czech Gas Association.
During the conference, representatives of the DG ENER, European Commission, relevant ministry of the Czech Republic, association of gas infrastructure operators of Europe – GIE, energy companies of Czechia, Germany, Slovakia, expert organizations address the functioning of the regional gas market and its evolution, in the context of an emergency situation, discuss the potential of renewable and low carbon gases in the region in an emergency context.

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Central European Energy Conference 2022

November 22, 2022 (03:14)

On November 21, 2022, Cepconsult in Bratislava took part in the annual international event “Central European Energy Conference”, organized by the Slovak think tank “Slovak Foreign Policy Association” (SFPA) together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and the Office of the Prime Minister of Slovakia.
During the conference, representatives of the European Commission, relevant ministries of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine, expert organizations and energy companies of the region discussed issues of energy security in Europe in the context of large-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

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The 5th Vienna Energy Security Dialogue

November 7, 2022 (03:07)

On November 4, 2022, Cepconsult in Vienna took part in the annual international event of the OSCE and the World Energy Council Austria – the conference “The 5th Vienna Energy Security Dialogue. Coping with Tensions”. The conference was traditionally held in the building of the Federation of Austrian Industries.
During the conference, representatives of energy companies, energy market regulators, international and expert organizations of the EU, the USA, the Middle East and Central Asia discussed the current situation on the natural gas and oil markets in the context of energy security.

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17th Gas Forum

October 5, 2022 (04:44)

4-5 October 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia Cepconsult attended an international event organised by the Energy Community  – 17th Gas Forum.
The Forum discussed security of gas supply and winter preparedness in the Energy Community Contracting Parties and stressed the need to address the current price surge without unduly distorting the market. The participants welcomed the SEEGAS Study which takes into account the urgency of ensuring the energy security of consumers in preparation for winter. Energy Community Secretariat invites the transmission system operators in the region to offer firm capacity in addition to interruptible capacity, wherever possible, and align on key issues such as gas quality and the calculation of commodity charges.

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14th Oil Forum

September 28, 2022 (04:14)

27-28 September 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia Cepconsult attended an international event organised by the Energy Community  – 14th Oil Forum.
The Forum took focused on the overview of European crude and product balances in a global context; How have European oil import flows changed during 2022, and how will they change in 2023? What will be the impact of high gas prices on oil balances – this was another topic addressed by the participants of the event.

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Central European Gas Congress

September 23, 2022 (04:08)

22-23 September 2022 in Bratislava Cepconsult attended an international event organised by the Slovak Gas and Oil Association (SPNZ) – “Central European Gas Congress”. The main topic of the conference was the crisis of natural gas supply to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

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Eurogas Annual Conference

June 15, 2022 (05:01)

14 June 2022 in Brussels, Belgium Cepconsult attended an international event organised by Eurogas – annual conference “Moving forward to decarbonisation”. The decarbonisation of the European industry, maritime transport and aviation as well as challenges and opportunities for employment in the gas sector in the context of the European Energy Transition, were discussed at the conference.

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Hydrogen Technologies in Transport Conference

May 18, 2022 (07:27)

17-18 May 2022 in Bratislava Cepconsult attended an important event for the EU energy and transport sectors – Hydrogen Technologies in Transport Conference.
Conference was held under the auspices of the Minister of Economy and the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic.
Latest views of the representatives of hydrogen assosiations, largest automobile companies, entrepreneurs and the scientific community from Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Belgium on how to make more efficient use of hydrogen technologies for smart mobility in the nearest future were presented at the event.

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166th Slovak Gas Industry Day

March 21, 2022 (05:05)

March 21, 2022 Cepconsult as a member of Slovak Gas and Oil Association (SPNZ) took part in the Slovak Gas Industry Day which bring together industry leaders, government representatives and proffessionals in Natural gas museum in the premises of SPP a.s.

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