About CEP

The restructuring of the European energy system continues to move forward. Energy supplies in the future will become more decentralized with a larger share of renewable sources than today. The Centre of Energy Partnership represents the interests of energy generating companies and energy consumers from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic.


How can security of supply, access to energy sources and climate policy be combined in the future? What are the promising approaches to building an energetically independent, socially stable society, serving as a platform for economic success of the country? Such questions arise before the Centre staff.

The Centre of Energy Partnership seeks to play an active role in structuring the transformation process and creating the necessary framework conditions for sustained economic success. The main objective of the Centre is to strengthen the energy security of the region, cooperation of regional energy companies in the framework of the energy and climate policy of the EU, the European energy security policy and the European energy community.

For this purpose, the Centre is expanding into the most important places on the energy map of the region.

The main tasks of the Centre are:


promoting the development of joint opportunities for power generating companies in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic region with Western European energy intensive companies;


development of cooperation between the research institutions of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic in the field of identification and advocacy of common problems and the search ways of solutions of these problems, promotion of integration of energy markets;


representation of the interests of energy companies in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States (coal, gas, oil, nuclear power, renewable energy, transit of electricity and hydrocarbon resources, etc.);


promoting the implementation of the provisions of the 3rd EU Energy Package and enhancing the involvement of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic in shaping the policy of the European Energy Community.

Are you ready to cooperate?

In October, the Centre of Energy Partnership plans to hold a regional conference on cooperation and energy security of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic and EU with the prospect of involving representatives of public and private energy companies, profile institutions of the European Commission, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, etc. energy industry.

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