November 15, 2018 (03:28)

Presentation of the first issue of the corporate magazine “Energy Partner” #1/2018

We are pleased to share our knowledge not only within professional community, but also on the pages of the corporate magazine “Energy Partner”, the first issue of which examined the real level of US financial participation in the global “green economy”, analyzed the issues of concerns of the gas distribution industry in Ukraine, reviewed markets promising for investment in renewable energy, considered the role of natural gas in relations between Russia and the European Union, etc. The magazine is available to our clients and partners in printed publications and online.


Energy Partner EP # 1/2018

Hot News

The natural gas market of Central and Eastern Europe is on the verge of transformation

According to the participants of the international conference Energy Community – “16th Gas Forum”, held ...

Slovakia’s public debt threatens the country’s long-term economic stability

According to the report of advisory body to the Slovak Ministry of Economy RRZ namely “On ...

The first ever connection of gas transmission systems of Slovakia and Poland

Use of the gas interconnector “Poland-Slovakia” (PL-SK) will help strengthen the role of the Slovak ...

The development of hydrogen energy

During 2020 the interest of the world’s leading countries and world energy leaders in the ...
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