Presentation of the first issue of the corporate magazine “Energy Partner” #1/2018

November 15, 2018 (03:28)

We are pleased to share our knowledge not only within professional community, but also on the pages of the corporate magazine “Energy Partner”, the first issue of which examined the real level of US financial participation in the global “green economy”, analyzed the issues of concerns of the gas distribution industry in Ukraine, reviewed markets promising for investment in renewable energy, considered the role of natural gas in relations between Russia and the European Union, etc. The magazine is available to our clients and partners in printed publications and online.

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Centre of Energy Partnership Presentation&Reception

November 1, 2018 (05:21)

15 November 2018, Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Centre of Energy Partnership Presentation&Reception Event

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10th Oil Forum of Energy Community, Belgrade, Serbia, 25 September 2018

August 22, 2018 (05:17)

Latest development in oil prices. Oil price and its impact on refinery cost of oil stocks. The role of oil in an energy transition. The Energy Community is an international organisation which brings together the European Union and its neighbours to create an integrated pan-European energy market. The organisation was founded by the Treaty establishing […]

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28th Economic Forum Krynica-Zdroj, Poland, 4-6 September 2018

August 20, 2018 (05:53)

The Economic Forum in Krynica is the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year the Forum, organized at the beginning of September brings more than 4000 guests. These are political, economic and social leaders as well as approx. 500 journalists. The guests come from over 60 countries in Europe, Asia and America.   […]

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13th Gas Forum of Energy Community, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20 September 2018

Energy Community gas markets development. Natural Gas in decarbonised Europe – sustainable future Life after Stockholm decision: way back or way forward? Transit after 2019: With or without foreign partners? With or without new interconnection capacity? TSO fit for European market rules. Emerging hub in Ukraine: establishing a gas exchange. The Energy Community is an […]

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Warsaw Security Forum (WSF), Poland, 24-25 October 2018

Established in 2014, the Warsaw Security Forum (WSF) is a leading conference in Central and Eastern Europe, devoted to issues of international security, military affairs, cyber threats, transatlantic cooperation, as well as challenges and opportunities lying ahead not only for Poland, but the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. The 5thedition of Warsaw Security […]

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