January 29, 2021 (02:39)

Cepconsult releases new project! ‘Slovak energy market stakeholders’

Within the framework of the project, our team helps the Cepconsult’s clients to understand not only the structure of the Slovak energy industry, the characteristics and capabilities of its most important enterprises, assess their current market position and prospects, but also look into the composition of the owners of important energy companies in Slovakia, assess the influence of foreign investors on the Slovak energetics.

Following our mission, we seek to play an active role in structuring the transformation process and creating the necessary framework conditions for sustained economic success. The main objective of the consulting agency is to strengthen the energy security of the region, cooperation of regional energy companies in the framework of the energy and climate policy of the EU, the European energy security policy and the European Energy Community.

Thus, we believe that the results of our analysis of the structure and beneficiaries of the Slovak energy sector, presented in the original graphic form, accompanied by a comprehensive description, will be interesting and useful to representatives of the corporate sector both domestically and abroad, potential investors and specialized non-governmental organizations.

In the first part of our project “SLOVAK ENERGY MARKET STAKEHOLDERS. Focus on electricity production” we investigate the electricity production sector in Slovakia, which we consider to be key in terms of meeting the energy needs of the country, its industry and population.

In the second part of the study “SLOVAK ENERGY MARKET STAKEHOLDERS. Focus on energy sector infrastructure” we address Slovak energy infrastructure and, along with important power generation facilities, consider the Slovak GTS, oil transportation and refining sectors, coal industry and underground natural gas storage facilities.

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